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Recruitment & Staffing Agency

SmartList is a great tool that help recruitment agencies drive their recruiters' productivity and efficiency.


A recruitment and staffing agency acts as a contact between employers and job seekers. The agency receives and manages profiles of numerous job seekers by matching them with the right employers.
India has been witness to a fast-growing recruitment outsourcing marketplace. Growing GDP and infrastructure along with enormous talent pools give such agencies a considerable impetus to grow. The onset of COVID 19 has also made organizations realize the importance of having a variable workforce to manage costs better. Contract workforce gives organizations the flexibility to scale as per business needs without worrying about the compliance and cost risks associated with appointing a permanent employee. Thus, many HR leaders are moving away from traditional hiring practices and seeking the services of staffing agencies for the contractual workforce. With remote and hybrid work models being the new norm, contract hire is expected to show continued growth.

COVID 19 has caused massive job losses in the travel and hospitality businesses worldwide. It has also brought about an enormous change in our behaviour. Services such as online shopping, food delivery, video streaming services have seen a massive surge in demand. Such organizations have increased hiring efforts to support the demand growth. Staffing agencies need to continuously identify, evaluate and shortlist candidates to have a large talent pool. This would make agencies agile to match job seekers to their prospective employers fast enough to fit the increasing demands.

Specific needs of the recruitment agency:

The platform needs to ensure that recruitment agencies can

• Attract more candidates
• Process large sets of applications at speed
• Engage candidates through the process
• Ensure a positive candidate experience
• Reach out to past candidates
• Recruit using fair means
• Keep recruitment costs low
• Assess candidate's based on job role requirements

How does SmartList help?

SmartList can offer help to recruiters at staffing agencies in multiple ways.

• Attracting more applications: SmartList allows one to create an open assessment link for every job profile that one needs to hire. These open assessment links can be posted on all available social media channels, thus maximizing reach. Recruiters can print QR codes with the assessment link on all print and web ads of client organizations inviting prospective candidates to apply.

• Processing large sets of applicant information at speed: SmartList processes candidate information on multiple criteria, such as education, experience, city of belonging etc. Such metadata work as essential gates to eliminate applicants who do not fit the minimum requirements. This helps process applications of suitable candidates only in further rounds.

• Engage applicants: SmartList allows recruiters to send automated communications to candidates, informing them of their progress. Smartlist also offers role preview in candidate views to help build greater transparency. Such clear communications help create a positive applicant experience.

• Track past applicants: Smartlist can store all past applicant information for archived job roles over six months. This will allow such chains to visit past applicants when similar job roles open up in future.

• Recruit fairly: Smartlist allows recruiters to take data-driven recruitment decisions. The platform eliminates the need to track applicant performance on spreadsheets, which are prone to human errors.

• Assess applicants knowledge and skill: SmartList allows recruiters to create knowledge and skill assessments. The question-based and video response assessments help the recruiter get a good overview of applicant candidates' skills and decide about the applicant's suitability for the role.

What makes us special?

SmartList enables recruitment agencies in creating a highly efficient recruitment process. The following points work in our favour in comparison with other platforms:

1. Library of ready to use tests – suited to meet the hiring needs of multiple sectors

2. Low cost of deployment – there are no setup fees, plus our commercial model helps recruit at scale with negligible costs

3. 10 to 8 support on all seven days of the week

4. Allows for field collaboration – Smartlist allows sharing of assessment with client teams, thus reducing the chances of the wrong hire

5. No restriction on the number of assessments as our plans are not based on assessment count

6. Video response questions – enable objective assessment of job skills that are very important for specialized roles

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