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Large Electronics Retail Chain

Read how SmartList can help large retail chain streamline their multi-location frontline staff recruitment.


The Indian retail industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country. The Indian consumer electronics market is also poised for higher growth in the coming days, with prospects to sell to first time home buyers and replacement devices to others. Rising disposable income, changing lifestyles needs around modern technologies and easier access to credit will help in strong demand for the sector.

The organized large consumer electronics store penetration has grown immensely over the past few years. Organized retailing is human resources intensive. The growth prospects indicate high demand for manpower for these large consumer electronics chains to match their retail market share plans. While, on the one hand, this sector poses enormous opportunities, high attrition has caused huge staffing challenges. Rising operational and manpower costs forces such organizations to look at novel means to support their staffing needs continuously at minimum costs.

Such large electronics chains recruit many people in the front end customer-facing roles to manage store operations. This is a highly competitive space where knowledge of products and the purchase experience play an essential role in the customer buying decision. The intensity of skill requirements is a function of the complexity of the product retailed. Soft skills such as communication and interpersonal skills are essential evaluation criteria as retail employees deal with customers on a one on one basis and are considered the face of the organization.

Specific needs of the large retail chain:

Such large electronics need their recruitment platform to
• Reach out to large numbers of applicants
• Manage and process large amounts of applicant information at scale
• Keep recruitment costs low
• Filter out applicants who do not demonstrate the right attitude buttons
• Recruits display the minimum level of knowledge and skills and are trainable

Such diverse expectations do the job of recruiting staff for managing store operations very demanding. Only through the right technology solutions can one balance efficiency and efficacy on the hiring process to keep improving workforce productivity.

How does SmartList help?

SmartList can help streamline the recruitment process in several ways

• Reaching out to applicants: SmartList allows you to create an open assessment link for every job profile that one needs to hire. These open assessment links can be posted on all available social media channels, thus maximizing reach. Recruiters can print QR codes with the assessment link on all print and web ads inviting prospective candidates to apply.

• Managing and Processing Applicant information: SmartList can store all past applicant information for archived job roles over six months. This will allow such chains to visit past applicants when similar job roles open up in future. SmartList processes candidate information on multiple criteria, such as education, experience, city of belonging etc. Such metadata work as essential gates to eliminate applicants who do not fit the minimum requirements. This helps reduce the load of applicants for the process in further rounds.

• Keeping hiring costs low: SmartList does not function on a per assessment basis for such manpower-intensive sectors. Our unique commercial model helps recruit at scale with negligible costs

• Look for applicants with the right attitude: In this kind of retail setup, an employee is expected to deal with customers on a one to one basis. Unwelcoming salespeople lead to lost business and poor word of mouth. SmartList offers job motivation assessments to check whether a job profile will be of interest to an applicant. This further helps filter the applicant list.

• Assess Skills: SmartList helps organizations assess general interpersonal and workplace skills that workers are expected to possess in such people-intensive roles by asking them to submit video responses.

What makes us special?

SmartList enables recruitment teams at large electronics retail chains to recruit staff for managing store operations at speed and scale. We stand out amongst our competitors on the following :

1. Library of ready to use tests – suited explicitly for recruiting staff for managing floor operations

2. Low cost of deployment – there are no setup fees, plus our commercial model helps recruit at scale with negligible costs

3. 10 to 8 support on all seven days of the week – specifically suited for the retail chains which see more business happens during weekends

4. Applicant suitability check – through job motivation assessment and other video response questions, SmartList can validate the bare minimum skill sets of applicants

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