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SmartList helps businesses with large field force in efficiently managing their recruitments and onboarding.


The Indian consumer durable industry is well-positioned to grow enormously over the next decade. There exists a vast untapped market with relatively low penetration as compared to other countries. Refrigerators, air conditioners and other home appliances are currently witnessing higher demand from the rural markets. The demand growth is likely to accelerate across the rural and huge middle class with steady rising disposable income and easy access to credit. The governments' encouragement through the Make in India initiative and affordable housing schemes have furthered the demand. Such bright prospects auger well for the generation of new employment opportunities within the sector.

The home appliance marketplace is immensely competitive due to increased customer choices and expectations. Customer service has therefore become a significant source of differentiation amongst brands. Nowadays, brands are increasingly leveraging after-sales business for revenue growth through installation, extended warranty and repair services. Such services also help brands increasingly differentiate in the cluttered marketplace and drive sales.

Offering such services in a geographically widespread market requires the enrolment of numerous staff members. Also, penetration into newer territories adds to the workforce demand. Home appliance brands enrol permanent and contractual workers, independent contractors to provide installation and on-call repair services to their end customers. High attrition coupled with the technical nature of the aftermarket job role means that such home appliance brands are always looking to identify, evaluate, and enrol workers to deliver services to their end customers.

Specific needs of the recruiting organization:

Such home appliance stores need their platform to

• Reach out to a large no of applicants across geographies
• Recruit with speed
• Keep recruitments costs low
• Filter out applicants who do not demonstrate the minimum level of knowledge and skills

Regular means of recruitment for such diverse needs would yield sub-optimal results and lead to customer heartburn. The proper use of technology platforms can help shortlist competent individuals to overcome the workforce supply challenge.

How does SmartList help?

SmartList can help to streamline the worker enrolment process in many ways
• Attracting more applications: With SmartList, one can create open links for every job profile. The existing workforce can share these links over social media channels inviting their friends to enrol for the assessments. Recruiters can also print QR codes with the assessments in local print ad campaigns inviting more candidates to apply.

• Faster Turnarounds: SmartList filters applicants based on pre-set criteria like education, experience, workplace/residence etc. This feature helps reduce the applicant list and therefore reduces recruiter time and efforts to review profiles and responses.

• Skill Filter: Installation and servicing in the home appliance sector is a highly technical job. SmartList allows recruiters to create knowledge and skill assessments. Using video-based assessments, recruiters would filter applicants who do not possess baseline competence for the job. The use of SmartList can minimize bad hires at scale for such technical jobs.

• Low recruitment costs: SmartList does not function on a per assessment basis. Our unique commercial model helps recruit at scale with negligible costs

What makes us special?

SmartList enables recruitment teams at large home appliance brands to recruit service staff for managing after-sales operations at speed and scale. We stand out amongst our competitors on the following :

1. Library of ready to use tests – suited explicitly for recruiting highly technical roles
2. Low cost of deployment – there are no setup fees, plus our commercial model helps recruit at scale with negligible costs
3. 10 to 8 support on all seven days of the week
4. Applicant suitability check – through video response questions, SmartList can help validate the suitability of the applicant for a job role
5. Allows for field collaboration – SmartList allows sharing of assessment with field teams, thus reducing the chances of wrong hire
6. No restriction on the number of assessments as our plans are not based on assessment count.

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