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Gig Worker Aggregation Platform

SmartList helps gig-worker platforms shortlist and enroll new members after comprehensive skill assessment. This helps in recruitment at speed and scale.


The gig economy is rapidly changing the way many services are offered to today’s customers. The gig economy thrives on many freelance jobs that are fulfilled by thousands of gig workers connecting with clients or customers through an online platform.
Gig workers are independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers and temporary workers. Gig workers enter into formal agreements with on-demand companies to provide services to the company's clients.

By the nature of their operating model, online platforms engaging with gig workers needs a steady flow of new workers to be enrolled on the platform. By the nature of the business, platforms strive to make sure there is always little more workforce supply than anticipated demand. This coupled with non-permanent nature of contractual engagement with workers, means the platform is always going through the process of identifying, evaluating and enrolling new gig workers on the platform.

Specific needs of the aggregation platform:

The platform needs to make sure their worker enrolment activity must
• Recruit at Scale
• Recruit with speed
• Recruit at very high efficiency/low costs
• Make sure the quality of recruits (knowledge & skill) is at the desired level

When approached through conventional ways, these pose formidable challenge to the recruiting team. The geographical spread, language constraints, limitations on availability and familiarity to use technology also make the task more demanding.

How does SmartList help?

SmartList allows recruiter through the recruitment funnel in multiple ways.
• Attracting more applications: It is well known that referral works very well in gig worker community. With SmartList assessment link sharing, you can send out an open link that can be freely shared by gig workers for inviting their co-workers to apply for enrolling on the platform.
• Filtering applicants: With SmartList, recruiters can filter candidates based on pre-set criteria like education, experience, place of work/residence etc. This feature helps in reducing applicant list and segregate applicants who do not meet criteria that are essential for the position being recruited.
• Assessing Skills: SmartList allows recruiters to create knowledge and skill assessments. The question based and video response assessments together help recruiter get a good overview of applicant candidate’s skills and take a decision about suitability of the candidate for enrollment on the platform.

What makes us special?

SmartList enables recruitment teams at gig platforms in enrolling gig workers at speed and scale. The following points work in our favor in comparison with other platforms:
1. Library of ready to use tests – specifically suited for various gig worker roles
2. No restriction on number of assessments as our plans are not based on assessment count
3. Video response questions – enables real assessment of job skills that are very important for assessing gig workers’ skill levels

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