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What is a pre-recruitment assessment?

Pre-recruitment assessments are means for organizations to make informed hiring decisions.

It allows organizations to collect and process pertinent applicant information consistently. It improves an organizations ability to understand a potential candidate’s likelihood of success in the job role.

With many job seekers applying to every possible job opening in the corporate world, pre-recruitment assessments have become an important method to filter and manage many applicants. With a surge in applications and the absence of any pre-recruitment assessments, recruiters do not find enough time to review every application thoroughly. It is challenging to examine every application as a lot of time is wasted reviewing applications that do not meet the elementary qualifications for the role.

In environments where one needs to manage a large pool of applications, pre-recruitment assessments help organizations zero in on the right talent. In the age of technology that makes applying to jobs for the masses easier through the internet, pre-recruitment assessments have made it possible for organizations to exercise better control and extract maximum results from the applicant pool.

Prerecruitment assessments add metrics to the hiring process, thus driving improvements in the hiring process and minimizing the risk of wrong hires. Such assessments provide the maximum value when applied at the beginning of the hiring process to screen out misfit candidates. Organizations should use such assessments as one of the critical factors to make their hiring decisions. Organizations should not exercise hiring decisions basis pre-recruitment assessments only. The idea behind such assessments is to complement and improve the hiring process, not be the only criteria to drive decisions.

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