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SmartList Delivers Results!

Read the detailed account of how one of our early users reduced their time to recruit by deploying SmartList pre-recruitment assessment

"We did it", exclaimed the Solutions Head at ABC India (can't disclose their real name as per their request) while going through the monthly recruitment updates with his talent acquisition team. "SmartList has made a difference", he remarked. His Talent Acquisition Head nodded in acknowledgement.

Instead of the regular practice of sourcing candidates from job portals and then taking them through lengthy assessments, they had deployed SmartList at the beginning of their recruitment funnel. The results were remarkable as they could reach and hire high-quality candidates in 40% less time. ABC India team now had the results to show. "We should make this a part of our regular hiring", remarked their Talent Acquisition Head.

ABC International is a global consulting and outsourcing firm. The company provides training, consulting, financial performance consulting and benchmarking, customer satisfaction interventions, field staff development programs etc., to their clients. With proprietary methodologies, tools and software along with experienced solutions developers, subject matter experts, and implementation consultants, they have provided innovative engagement models to OEMs that are mutually rewarding and beneficial in the long run.

In early November 2021, ABC India faced multiple exists in their solutions department. All the recent business development activities had yielded positive results, and the company was sitting on a very healthy won pipeline. The challenge was executing all of this work in the face of a diminishing team.

The Solution Head at ABC India pressed the recruitment team to action. He knew through his experience that hiring for so many positions simultaneously was an uphill task. He had seen most quality candidates turn out to be passive job seekers over the years. Moreover, resources in the solutions team require demonstrating multiple skills, which always led to hiring challenges. Such unique challenges made it long to reach appropriate candidates, leading to further extension in hiring time. After a month, the team closed only 20% of the open positions.

While searching for alternate approaches, he came across SmartList while browsing Linkedin. He got in touch with the SmartList team, and after due discussions with the ABC India team, we proposed the following actions to hire:

Adding focussed role assessments at the top of the hiring process

SmartList worked with the ABC India team and built customized assessments in two days on the platform. These assessments used questions in multiple formats – MCQs, one-way video responses, graded responses to assess knowledge, skill and personality. Introducing these assessments at the beginning of the funnel helped the team get to the most appropriate pool at the earliest. It saved a lot of recruiter time in going through umpteen resumes.

Get to where the applicants are

With SmartList, the ABC India team created open assessment links and posted them on social forums frequented by candidates. It led to quicker applications from applicants in a short period. ABC India team also approached post-graduate colleges and set up scheduled campus recruitment drives with these open links.

The platform had touched about 200 applicants in a couple of weeks, with about 150 plus completing the assessments. The assessment scores were available at the click of a button. Applicants could now be shortlisted for further processes basis scores and the presence of requisite skills. The process removed all unconscious bias linked to shortlisting basis only resumes.

In another week, the ABC India team had a list of 8 candidates ready for an offer after interview discussions.

SmartList helped focus the hiring team's efforts on the shortlisted candidates only, which helped shorten to time to hire by close to 4 weeks. Moreover, assessment scores helped the ABC India team to focus on absolute quality candidates from the beginning of the hiring process.

SmartList pre-recruitment assessments allow you to quickly assess, score and shortlist candidates based on their skills and personality. SmartList lets you assess at scale so that you can make better hiring decisions faster. What used to take months now takes days or hours - for less cost!

Write to us if you want to know more about how SmartList can help your organization's hiring journeys.

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