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Recruiting at Scale in 2022 – A roadmap

The traditional ways of recruitment are no longer adequate for large scale recruitment of entry-level staff. The challenges are many, and they change with the ever-changing landscape of available job opportunities and available candidate pools.

With the advent of digital tools and technologies, it is time for recruitment managers, especially those handling large volume recruitments, to look at their current recruitment strategy and consider a modified approach.

In our interaction with various recruitment functional leaders, we see a pattern emerging where a traditional approach to large-scale recruitment evolves to use new digital technologies and platforms.

Here are the five components of the roadmap to recruit at a large scale.

1. Robust recruitment marketing

It is becoming increasingly important to make sure you market the job very well. There is a battle out there for that entry-level person, and you need to make sure your job stands out. Recruiters are deploying strategies to make sure the target candidate pool is aware of their company, craft their job positions to appeal to the aspirations of their target candidates and build engagement with the candidate pool.

2. Tech-enabled pre-recruitment assessments

This is becoming a must-have tool in large scale recruitment. Automated recruitment assessments enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technology tools are helping recruiters save time and improve hire quality. There are many technology solutions available here, and one must choose what works best for their specific industry & hiring needs.

3. Delivering exceptional candidate experience

Historically, this has been one of the most overlooked elements in frontline recruiting. This is no more the case. Recruiters are making sure candidates have a delightful experience as they go through the recruitment process. There is growing acceptance that each candidate interacting with your brand (for recruitment interaction) can become a potential brand promoter. Recruiters are making sure they don’t lose out on this big opportunity to build their brand.

4. Mobile recruiting

Recruiters are realising that the applicant pool for frontline roles has mobile phones as their primary device. Recruiters need to make sure their recruiting experience is delivered seamlessly through mobile devices. The recruitment marketing, assessment and candidate communication must happen to reach potential candidates on their mobile phones.

5. Using data analysis in recruitment decisions

The use of recruitment assessment makes a large volume of data available to recruiters. When analysed with the actual performance of select employees, this data can be a very reliable pointer to look for in future recruitments. This data analysis goes a long way in improving overall recruiting metrics and thus justifies investment in technology solutions and platforms.

While recruiting at Scale, think like a marketer. Make sure your hiring process is designed for speed, delivers top-notch candidate experience, is supported by a robust digital presence and capitalises on social media to attract candidates. And this will make sure you stay at the top of the recruiting game in 2022.

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