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"Positively Impact your Candidate Experience" – Take your employer brand a notch higher

The Premise:

In today's connected world, poor applicant experience spreads like wildfire. More and more candidates nowadays report their negative experiences online, resulting in new applicants avoiding such companies after reading the negative reviews.

The recruitment process is usually designed and run with inputs from the user departments. Still, our aim should be to make it coherent with our employee experience to reduce applicant confusion and frustration.

A well thought out recruitment process positively impacts your company's reputation as an employer and progresses your employer branding. It is essential to ensure that job applicants talk great things about the organization regardless of whether they were offered the role.

The Opportunity:

Good candidates do not remain open in the job market for long. Unless you make progress, they quickly lose interest in the opportunity and move ahead with the best available option—efforts taken to shorten the time to hire benefits everyone involved in the hiring process.

Positive candidate experience helps you create a strong pool of candidates who can apply to alternate roles in your organization. It can help you save time and resources in the assessment process. A positive experience can also help you bring in more talent through referrals.

We should start by respecting our applicant's time and designing a painless process to ensure a top box candidate experience.

How SmartList helps:

Fact 1

SmartList can help detail clear job descriptions and give prospective employees a peek into your organization's culture. Sharing such details early in the process helps reduce confusion with the applicants and discourages the right applicants from bouncing.

Candidate view of the screen through his handheld device:

Fact 2

SmartList uses an open application link to post job openings at places where applicants frequent. Such application links make it easy for applicants to apply to openings utilizing a device of their choice from convenient locations.

Fact 3

SmartList uses role-focused assessments to shortlist the most suitable applicants, thus reducing the overt focus on resumes. Focussing on objective evaluations portray the organization's progressiveness to an applicant, thus building a positive impression.

Fact 4

SmartList enables shorter recruitment cycles which positively impacts the candidate experience. Immediate access to detailed performance scores helps to recruit managers make quicker shortlisting decisions, reducing candidate anxiety and growing their experience quotient.

What makes this special?

Candidate experience has become a top priority in the minds of every recruiting manager and all organizations at large. Reducing friction in the application process, automating the application to save and respect applicant time, and communicating with transparency and clarity regardless of the hiring outcome goes a long way in building a positive candidate experience.

SmartList can help detail clear job descriptions, give prospective employees a peek into your organization, make application easy and convenient through a mobile device etc.

As hiring managers, you will enjoy using the platform and love its value to your organization. It will help your recruiters save time reviewing unfit applications that cost your business lots of money. Quality candidates from the beginning of the recruitment funnel will positively impact your organizations' performance, culture and morale.

Write to us if you want to know more about how SmartList can help your organization's hiring journeys

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