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Multi measure Assessments - The best way to predict superior on-job performance

Hiring the right talent has always remained a significant concern in the executive rooms of most organizations. Most employers spend staggering amounts to find the right guy who can improve chances for job success. Hiring is a difficult job. It gets more pronounced when hiring managers do not use the right processes to get to the most qualified talent.

Using the right hiring tools can help you shortlist your select high-performing individuals. This will invariably increase your probability of job success. Yes, you heard it right – effective screening measures can help predict a job applicant’s future performance. A lot of research has been done in space. Frank Schmidt’s meta-analysis shows how multi-measure assessments – a combination of structures like cognitive ability, personality, and interest- are far superior in predicting future job performance than using standalone resumes or standalone personality tests to screen.

Schmidt, in his analysis, found that general intelligence or cognitive ability is the best predictor of future job performance. When this is combined with other screening tools such as personality assessments, reference checks etc., job performance predictability increases. In the following diagram, we showcase the findings of the research.

So, if your organization relies primarily on resumes or personality assessments or only interviews to screen candidates, you are not using the most effective hiring process.

SmartList as a hiring tool can help you author your multi-measure assessments for each role. You can choose from various question options such as text response, image response, graded response, task response through file uploads, one-way video responses, etc. Such diversity in question types will allow you to assess requisite general intelligence, skill competency and personality fit. You can also decide to time and score each assessment block. You can also randomize the question order or feature a limited number of questions from a more significant question block. SmartList offers you the flexibility to author your multi-measure tests for any role to help you shortlist and rank high performing candidates to improve your chances of hiring success.

SmartList also offers curated assessment packs on the platform. If your recruiters know which skills to look for in an applicant, the platform will provide you with an assessment block with the necessary questions to test the skills. The platform has ready assessments on cognitive aptitude, communication skills, personality traits, workplace skills, sales skills etc.

As hiring managers, you will enjoy the way SmartList can help you put together role assessments in quick time. Using SmartList, you can put together a very effective screening process that can help shortlist the high performers from your applicant universe, thus furthering chances of improved job performance.

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