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How can pre-recruitment assessment help organizations in post-pandemic hiring?

The world has changed immensely in the past year. Amid this covid pandemic, millions of people lost their jobs, and millions had to shift to remote working to avoid catching and spreading the virus. Those in the travel and hospitality business have been hit the hardest and have reported mass job losses worldwide. A significant size of the business world has laid off employees and implemented hiring freezes for the near to medium term.

The covid onslaught has also brought about a sea change in consumer behaviour. A shift towards online meetings, online shopping and food delivery, more video streaming and social media usage are significant shifts to state. Companies providing these services have seen a massive upsurge in demand for their services. Such organizations are hiring and have also increased their hiring efforts to keep up with the demand.

Many HR professionals belonging to the growing industries would find it difficult to hire enough people fast enough to meet their increasing demands. Moreover, the effects that this pandemic has had on the workforce would be tough to estimate. Many people would be looking for jobs as a desperate source of income; hence stress levels would be high. Automated pre-recruitment assessments would make it easy for HR professionals to move candidates through the hiring process efficiently. Automated communication that can keep candidates informed of their progress would help keep them calm and engaged.

Pre-recruitment assessments enable candidates with a preview of the role they are applying to help build greater transparency. It allows candidates to move away from positions that they do not feel are a good fit. Clear communication around applicant status also helps build candidate experience with the employer. Platforms that enable quick and clear communication with candidates help build the employer brand. Remember, ghosting candidates will always turn out to be detrimental to your brand.

Recruiting is a stressful and equally exciting affair. With the right set of tools, one can provide a superior experience to the hiring team and the applicant pool.

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