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"Get to where your candidates are" – Maximize your applicant reach with SmartList

The Premise:

In my last blog, I spoke of how we built SmartList to solve recruitment problems that I faced when running a training and consulting company for the previous 15 years. You can read more about it here.

People played a critical role in the success of my past business. Reaching them when they are most ready to make a move is essential; good talent does not remain available beyond two weeks. Most business owners I have met over the past years agree that the key to a successful business is finding the right talent. It is no secret that most talent studies point at passive candidates constituting the major part of today's workforce. The majority of people applying to today's job constitute only a meagre 20 to 25% of the entire workforce. Ignoring the passive pool means missing out on 80% of the universe of top-rated applicants and limiting your organizational talent reach.

The Opportunity:

Passive candidates going by what the term means to show a lack of urgency for new jobs or roles, hence creating less competition for you. When specialized skills are scarce, you would not want to let go of the passive lot. Moreover, when recruiting during hiring spikes, it is always desirable to have more talent to choose from.

While passive candidates aren't actively looking for opportunities, your job is to be in the consideration set of this audience at all times. It would be best if you always remained discoverable so that when the time arises for a change, they most likely would be keen on showing interest in your open position.

How SmartList helps:

SmartList allows you to create and float an open recruitment application cum assessment link for all open positions to maximize your reach and get to where the workforce is. You are ready to attract more applicants to your open positions in just three steps.

Step 1

The assessment home screen on the platform displays assessments for all open positions in the organization.

To share an open assessment link, first, shortlist the active assessment you want to share.

Step 2

After shortlisting, click the "Copy Candidate Assessment Link" icon to create and copy the application cum assessment link

On clicking the "Copy Candidate Assessment Link" icon, the system confirms once the action is completed

Step 3

The link can be further copied on any distribution channel for circulation on receiving the confirmation message.

What makes this special?

The open application cum assessment links on SmartList help you take advantage and stay active on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It will help you connect with candidates – active and passive while they scroll their media feeds.

Referrals are another great way to reach out to more applicants. With SmartList open application cum assessment link sharing, you can send an open link that your employees can freely share with their co-workers inviting them to apply to open positions. Employees are generally aware of other available talent and can help broaden your candidate pool at absolutely zero cost.

As hiring managers, you will love the ease of using the platform. It will help your recruiters work more efficiently, attract more applications and help recruit at scale with negligible costs.

Write to us if you want to know more about how SmartList can help your organization's hiring journeys.

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