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"Assess what matters to you" – Test specific skills to get to your best hire

The Premise:

Evaluating applicants for the right competence and capabilities is a means to gain an advantage in today's world. Applicants hired on competence and not merely on background and experience tend to perform better in the longer run. It helps gain an unbiased view of the candidate's ability to act in a real-life scenario.

One can look at multiple facets to predict a candidate's suitability and thus the likelihood of job success. Some of them are candidate metadata, job motivation, personality traits, aptitude, domain knowledge, domain skills, workplace skills, etc. This is the only way to lay less focus on resumes and let candidates prove their worth.

The Opportunity:

How you plan this assessment package can help you disqualify the correct pool of applicants who do not meet the role requirements. A smaller, prioritised candidate pool will help bring down the time to hire for the organisation. With higher quality candidates to work with from the beginning of the funnel, the chances of better job performance are more heightened. This will ultimately result in reduced turnover.

India suffers immensely from wrong hiring decisions, which cost companies 50% to 300% of employee salary depending on the nature of the role. Apart from productivity losses, disruption and opportunity costs can cause pain to business profitability.

Working with the most suitable set of applicants saves money for the organisation. It helps deliver a better candidate experience, which enhances the organisation's reputation in the long run.

How SmartList helps:

SmartList allows you to create assessments on the platform on topics that you deem suitable. Its unique assessment builder helps you set up an assessment in five straightforward steps.

Step 1

This first step is adding essential details to your assessment:

Step 2

The next step is finalising various areas/expertise that you want to assess for the role. These multiple areas are referred to as Blocks on the platform.

At block/section, you are offered multiple opportunities to customise your assessment for each role.

The platform allows you to decide to time and score each assessment block. You can also choose to randomise the question order or have a limited questions feature from a larger question block.

You can also add as many blocks (assess multiple competencies or skills) that you deem fit for the role.

Step 3

The next step is adding questions and corresponding correct options to each block.

SmartList allows you to choose from various question options – text, image and video. Such diversity in question types will allow you to assess requisite knowledge and skill competency for every role.

Step 4

Once you have completed adding questions to each assessment block, you can preview the assessments. Preview allows you to look at the candidate's view of the assessment screens. This will enable you to make changes if you want.

Previewing is an optional step for you to view the assessment. You can also skip the preview stage and directly publish the assessment.

Step 5

Hit the "Publish" button to confirm your final package. You can now go ahead and start sharing the assessment cum application link through multiple distribution channels.

This simple five-step process can help you author any assessments on the SmartList platform. Go ahead, create and shortlist at scale with speed.

What makes this special?

Most assessments available these days are generic and not targeted towards industry specifics. SmartList allows you to create your role-focused assessments to help you get to a prioritised quality pool of candidates at the earliest.

With the flexibility to choose from multiple question formats from simple MCQs to one-way video responses to file uploads to graded responses, you will have powers to assess knowledge, demonstrated skills, and personality bend for all job roles. You decide what to evaluate to zero in on your most appropriate talent pool.

Each assessment's time limits and randomisations will discourage applicants from using search engines and other sources. This will help you gain an accurate picture of the candidate's ability.

As hiring managers, you will enjoy using the platform and love its value to your organisation. It will help your recruiters save time reviewing unfit applications that cost your business lots of money. From the beginning of the recruitment funnel, quality candidates will positively impact your organisations' performance, culture, and morale.

Write to us if you want to know more about how SmartList can help your organisation's hiring journeys

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