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Select best candidates, reduce recruitment efforts and time-to-hire

Our pre-recruitment assessment platform helps in identifying the best candidates and helps in making faster hiring decisions.

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Turbocharge your recruitment with SmartList

Attract More Candidates

Smartlist makes it easy to share your pre-recruitment assessments to candidates through multiple channels. With open links, you can cast the net wide and attract candidates through multiple channels. 


Focus on Promising Candidates

Smartlist enables you to create your own assessments. Evaluate candidates on skills that matter to you most. Identify better candidates amongst the lot and take them through the next recruitment steps.

Know Your Candidates Better

Smartlist allows you to include video response questions in your assessments. With video responses from candidates, you get to know the real person behind the resume and better decision while shortlisting the candidates.


Collaborate With Business Teams

With Smartlist's assessment sharing feature, you can involve business teams in identifying potential hires early in the recruitment process and make better and faster recruitment decisions.

Make Data-driven Hiring Decisions

Smartlist automates candidate ranking based on assessment scores. When candidates are shortlisted based on assessment score data, the recruitment decisions are bias-free and lead to better hires. 


With SmartList, finding the right candidate is easy & efficient. 

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